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Community Fibre hits 100,000 premises milestone with full fibre service

Community Fibre has announced reaching the 100,000 premises mark and some 84% of its roll-out is in social housing by virtue of a number of aggreements with London Boroughs.

We are tremendously proud to be bringing in the New Year having enabled 100,000 households, the majority of which are social housing properties. These homes are just some of the victims of the national digital divide.

Several of London’s largest landlords now have more than a third of their properties connected to full-fibre internet speeds and with Community Fibre, London’s landlords can now, at no cost to themselves, increase this figure whilst supporting the UK’s broadband ambition to reach its target of bringing fast, reliable and secure broadband to the UK as soon as possible.

Our mission is to bring faster and cheaper broadband to Londoners and especially to those that would benefit the most from it, by working with councils, housing associations and private landlords. We passionately believe in engaging with the local community; we actively look to recruit locally, we offer residents digital skills training and provide free wifi broadband in local community centres to have a positive social impact.

Graeme Oxby, CEO of Community Fibre

There is an overlap with another full fibre provider Hyperoptic and out of the 99,747 premises we have in our database where Community Fibre is available a total of 38,683 premises can also order a Hyperoptic service. Our map shows where the Community Fibre service is available.

In terms of the digital divide some 13,652 premises were previously restricted to ADSL2+ if using the telephone network, when Community Fibre started its planning and roll-outs this was likely higher as some new FTTC cabinets have appeared in the years the service has been appearing.

Community Fibre services start at £20/m for a 50 Mbps symmetric service.


Hi, are you saying that there are properties that have both Community Fibre and Hyperoptic available to them? I did not realise that both providers would service the same MDU??

  • Boro123
  • 29 days ago

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