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January 2020 update on how fast Openreach is deploying FTTP

In the weeks since our last update on 12th December 2020 we've found Openreach FTTP at a pace of 23,039 premises each week, this is an increase of 2,300/week compared to the previous month. In the same period of time the build pace declared by Openreach has increased from 23,000 to 26,000 so the question now is whether we will see another increase next month.

Some of the increase in the rate of deployment is that we have got to grips with adding the latest new build premises, after delaying work on those until the General Election period was over. The increase from the easy wins that usually happen when we start the new build integration though were probably wiped out by time off over the Christmas and New Year period.

  • 482,374 premises via BDUK/gap funded or other rural intervention (increase of 5,326)
  • 973,896 premises in Fibre First areas (increase of 68,309)
  • 291,625 premises via New Build since January 2016 (increase of 16,161)
  • 124,766 premises via commercial/old roll-out (increase of 12,238)

The total we have in our system for Openreach FTTP premises passed is 1,872,661, a rise of 102,034 premises. The number of premises connected is something we can estimate but no need to as that figure is generally supplied in each quarters financial results. The next set of Openreach financial results are due in a few weeks.

A quick history lesson back on 7th January 2019 the Openreach FTTP network passed just 654,387 premises, the size of the jump in 12 months shows how much things have changed.


@thinkbroadband Do you know how much each FTTP install cost the landlord alongside these figures?

  • @kaihendry
  • comment via twitter
  • 15 days ago

Our street & much of the surrounding ones have seen a lot of work by BT contractor Quinn’s these last weeks. Our street, in CH49, now has fibre cable from post to post connecting funky new boxes on the poles. On Friday we had Quinn’s engineers testing it, it’s ready to go, mast head boxes are plug & play, all we need to do is order it. Zen (my ISP) is advertising it up to 300 mbs at a significant cost above what BT is advertising! Figure that out lol. Would be nice to have better than the 20/1.5 that we get now but do we need it?

  • dar2211
  • 15 days ago

Of course if price is important you can opt for one of the slower FTTP tiers e.g. 40 Mbps, 80 Mbps, 160 Mbps pick the one that fits your specific balance between speed and price.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 15 days ago

It is good to hear the pace is keeping up. I wonder when the rural South West of Scotland will be in their sights? I gave up on waiting for my FTTC 5.0/0.8 to improve and went 4G at my own expense. I now get 10-15/15 at peak and 25-30/20 at off-peak.

  • DanielCoffey
  • 15 days ago

Seen the first few FTTP hits in Buckie recently on the new estate, I took a look at the Developers website and oddly they make no mention of the fact it has Fibre avaliable.

Interested to see if there's a 'bloom' in the surrounding area or not.

  • Swac3
  • 13 days ago

Generally a set of new build properties getting FTTP does not lead to old established premises nearby getting FTTP rolled out.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 13 days ago

Indeed Andrew.

I realise these jobs are costed and that extending the footprint beyond the newbuild isnt in the scope.
I just wonder how much forward planning is going into the deployment to these sites, Are OR taking the opportunity to make further expansion less expensive (I mean for themselves) or are they installing the minimum necessary to service the sites with no longer term view. Quite possibly the latter as thats a problem for another year another budget etc.

  • Swac3
  • 11 days ago

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