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ISPA launches its 22nd Internet Industry Awards

As is the Christmas tradition, the annual ISPA Awards have launched. This years awards are the 22nd year the Internet industry awards have run and companies or individuals have until 31st January 2020 to fill in the basic entry form for their chosen categories using the form at

For 2020 there are three new categories:

 *   Best New ISP - For ISPs that started offering services in the past two years (after December 2017).
 *   Social Impact Award - For the company that has used the Internet to deliver a positive social impact.
 *   Outstanding Individual Contribution - replacing the Executive of the Year, the category is now open to all who have changed the industry for the better.

For all rules and other information about the awards visit

The full list of categories is:

1. Best Rural ISP
2. Best Business ISP
3. Best Consumer ISP
4. Best New ISP
5. Best Customer Service
6. Best Cyber Security
7. Best Hosted Service
8. Best VoIP
9. Best Infrastructure Provider
10. Best Partnership
11. Best Customer Solution
12. Outstanding Individual Contribution
13. Social Impact Award
14. Internet Hero
15. Internet Villain

The nominations will open in a few months the Hero and Villain categories, but otherwise the timeline for this years awards is as follows:

  • 9th December to 31st January 2020, registration and providing technical testing details via
  • 1st February to 31st March 2020, technical testing for the Rural, Business, Consumer, New ISP and hosting categories will run. The testing in the New ISP category is voluntary but we encourage new providers to take part as this sets the ground work for future years and also gives the judges an idea of the performance levels.
  • Full written submission forms must be submitted by 27th March 2020. These are the long form entries which will the judging panel will read.
  • Once all the written forms have been submitted the judges sift through all the entries to arrive at a shortlist, in the technically tested categories the testing is used to shortlist, the New ISP category will use a hybrid of testing and judges selection.
  • Some weeks before the awards the final shortlists are announced.
  • Judges meet ahead of the awards evening to determine the winners in the 13 categories. Hero and Villain is determined by ISPA Council.
  • The evening of the 2nd July Sheraton Grand Park Lane hotel is when the gala dinner and awards ceremony will be held.



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