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New Parliamentary Constituency level map of FTTP coverage in UK

While we have had the FTTP coverage levels available in a table or on individual constituency pages for some years we have not add a map layer showing all 650 constituencies at once, that has changed with an additional layer on our broadband maps site.

UK heat map showing varying levels of full fibre FTTP coverage
Map of FTTP coverage across 650 UK Constituencies on 6th December 2019

The map at this time is very red as while the UK FTTP coverage level as of Sunday 1st December was 10.36%, our internal daily updates had it at 10.47% on the morning of 6th December 2019 (the next push for the coverage figures to the public site is due on Saturday 7th December). The map does highlight how the FTTP roll-outs are concentrated in a number of areas. The map is interactive so either a hover or a click will let you see the exact figures for an individual constituency.

There are two colour scales ranging from red through yellow to green, since for the superfast coverage levels 640 constituencies have superfast coverage at over 80% (based on a 30 Mbps and faster definition of superfast) but it is the reverse with full fibre where only 21 constituencies currently make it above the 50% FTTP coverage level.


Hi - just to let you know that your maps are borked slightly when viewed on my system - I assuem it is because I am on a 1080p Windows laptop which has the scaling set to 125% - see screenshot at!AvdgbwdXTxx1i8Ys0SdxDzhbw5OpBw?e=aJcVo3. The upshot is that the map legend is not visible.

  • andrum992
  • 11 months ago

Use the three buttons that hide/show the various groups of map layers and the legend becomes visible

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 11 months ago

Ah I see - thanks.

  • andrum992
  • 11 months ago

If I click on anything it closes the map. If I hover I get nothing.

  • DrewR
  • 11 months ago

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