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Truespeed to expand into Wells

Truespeed who are based in Somerset is bringing its full fibre network to Wells a city that is has good superfast broadband coverage and some availability of 100 to 300 Mbps services.

We are focused on bringing hard-to-connect parts of the South West into the digital fast lane - and that includes heritage cities like Wells. Our full fibre service is unique, and unlike other providers we guarantee speeds, allowing communities to enjoy hassle-free connectivity at all times. People are important to us and working with them in their communities is at the core of how we operate. Making Wells a gigabit city is exciting and will transform the lives of thousands of people living and working in the area for generations to come.

Truespeed CEO Evan Wienburg

The Truespeed roll-out uses existing ducts and poles where possible and in city centre streets particularly those which still follow a medieval footprint this becomes more important.

We look forward to seeing the roll-out deliver and also how far into the surrounding areas Truespeed will venture. The full fibre operators traditional roll-out areas are distinctly rural so those outside Wells where FTTC/VDSL2 speeds are not cutting the mustard should hopefully see the full fibre service appear.

The one downside is that while the service guarantees the 200 Mbps connection it does cost £47.50/m and with the all the new fairness directives from Ofcom impacting the out of contract pricing on the big name providers, at the end of 2019 this may look expensive for some consumers used to paying in the £25 to £30/m range for their broadband. 


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