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Twelve days of October

That is how long Todmorden has to reach its target of 150 Advance Orders before the 42 day period runs out. At this time no precise figures on how many of the registrations have converted to Advance orders are available. It is worth noting that if an exchange has demand on it then it is likely to continue getting registrations beyond the actual initial trigger level. In other words campaigning should not stop once the initial trigger has been reached.

Todmorden may actually suffer from being the first exchange to go through the process and some ISPs appear to be woefully slow at contacting registrants. In particular BT Openworld appears to have only started contacting people today, from the other big players like AOL, BT Broadband and Freeserve there is very little noise or indication that they are truly involved in the registration scheme.

The question is what has done more damage to the demand registration scheme, people creating false demand or ISPs not validating data or simply not taking part in the process. One thing is certain, if BT Wholesale announce Todmorden has failed to meet its target, BT will be crucified for a system that does not work. If the target is reached then BT Wholesale may still take flak from the quarters convinced that the whole scheme is just a delaying tactic.


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