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Cyber weekend, price changes and new package at Gigaclear

We have just updated our Gigaclear package listings to add the new 100 Mbps symmetric consumer package and at the same time have added the two Cyber Weekend deals that are running until 2nd December 2019. The special offers are:

  • Ultrafast 100 Mbps (symmetric speeds) with Linksys router for £29/m on an 18 month contract. £30 setup fee with standard installation. Usual monthly price is £44/m
  • Ultrafast 300 Mbps (symmetric speeds) with Linksys router and Smart Mesh Wi-Fi £34/m on an 18 month contract. £30 setup fee with standard installation. Usual monthly price is £49/m.

To get the cyber weekend price you need to use the promotion code ULTRADEAL during checkout.

The standard 30 Mbps symmetric has risen in price and is now £39/m and the top end 900 Mbps (i.e. what people call Gigabit) is £79/m.

We believe the promotional deal only applies to new customers.


The pricing shown here for 30 Mbps symmetric is higher than both the 100 & 300 Mbps offerings. Are my glasses really so badly scratched or is there a misprint afoot?

  • AiNt
  • 11 months ago

Will be updating things this morning, but the prices were right and part of the end of November sales frenzy.

For the rural areas with existing slow speeds I'd have expected most people to sign up within a very short time of the service appearing, but offers like this may help to get those not sure about the service or sign up early and the savings negate the cost of leaving an existing contract early.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 11 months ago

I'm not sure what the exact take-up is, but I recall seeing figures on their website a few months ago saying they had passed 80,000 properties, and had 20,000 customers. So that suggests a surprisingly small 25% take-up. I guess the current offers are trying to improve on that. As the network expansion is progressing very slowly, I guess that increasing the take-up in live areas is the main way to increase the customer numbers.

  • sheephouse
  • 11 months ago

The take-up in my rural lane of 20 widely-spaced homes has been 100% but I don't think Gigaclear count us as customers until they start supplying a billable service - which like possibly thousands of others, we're still waiting for. Building the infrastructure is non-trivial, especially when wayleaves and permits from Highways, local authorities and notoriously slow-to-respond utilities such as Network Rail can take eons. But after a three-year wait, I'm told we could at last go live in the next few days.

  • pr100
  • 11 months ago

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