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EE Gfast service now only £36 per month in Black Friday Sale

EE has joined the Black Friday Sale with price reductions on its broadband services for new customers who signup before the sale ends on 9th December 2019.

The stand out offer is the 145 Mbps average download speed service at £36/m (usual offer is £40/m) on an 18 month contract and no upfront cost. Current price at the end of the 18 month contract is £49/m and prices will increase by the rate of inflation each year.

For those not interested in the other partial fibre service which is VDSL2 is available for £23/m on an 18 month contract and no upfront cost.


Have had same package from BT for the last 13 months for £33

Always bargain with your supplier when contract is ending and never be afraid to switch.

  • nervous
  • 11 months ago

BT deal at end of October

145Mbps GFast 1, £27:99/month, no setup fees, free Smarthub 2 (free postage).

Partners mobile SIM only upgraded from 5GB/month to 10GB/month for £10/month instead of £11, then doubled up again for free to 20GB/month because we were taking the GFast package.
Both these super upgrades for a next monthly increase of just £1 on what we were paying previously.

They must have been desperate to bump up their October month end sales figures, but we are not complaining.
Only downside is the 2 year contract, but not really an issue with such a good deal.

  • Jimneybob
  • 11 months ago

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