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More Black Friday Broadband Offers

Two more providers have joined in the Black Friday Sale deals.

Sky has added its free anytime calls bundle for the duration of the sale which ends on 5th December, so the Sky Superfast service is on offer for £27/m with the anytime calls bundle. £9.95 upfront and an 18 month contract.

Vodafone is giving away free Google Nest Home Max devices with a RRP of £219 on its Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 services, though prices have risen to £24/m and £28/m respectively and no upfront cost. Existing Vodafone pay monthly mobile customers will get a £2/m discount. Again ends on 5th December.

The Vodafone Gigafast offer of a 500 Mbps connection for the same price as the 100 Mbps service i.e. £28/m and no upfront costs started before the main Black Friday rush but does end on the 5th December. Our broadband package search takes the effort out of having to know where the Gigafast service is available as it only show the packages if your postcode is one of those comprising the 127,399 premises where the full fibre service is available.

We would have covered these offers on Friday but the day was busy talking to radio and media about the state of play of full fibre coverage in the United Kingdom.


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