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BT Halo launches with unlimited data SIM option

The BT Plus products are no more and if you signed up to one previously you are now known as a Halo 1 customer and will booking options for the new Home Tech Support team and should be able to buy the unlimited data SIM for £30/m which is only available to Halo customers.

New customers joining BT are known as Halo 2 customers and the key benefits that you get for the extra cost of the Halo product, which is a premium of £18/m (Superfast Fibre 2 versus Halo with Superfast Fibre - same VDSL2 or FTTP speeds)

  • Home Tech Support shortly after installation, aim is to have a 2 hour slot booked for the day after activation. Slots are available 7 days a week. Additional slots can be booked and paid.
  • Smart Hub 2 with time controls to allow you to control screen time
  • Keep connected promise with 4G mini hub dispatched if broadband breaks
  • Double data on all BT SIM deals at that address
  • No price rise at the end of the contract i.e. you will pay no more than a new customer when minimum term ends

Halo with Superfast Fibre is £57.99/m on a 24 month contract with £9.99 upfront. Service is based around a 80/20 package using VDSL2 (FTTC) or FTTP if available.

After some months of promising no price rises in 2019 and fixed price on the old Plus packages, BT customers are being warned that price rises will occur after March 2020 capped at the rate of inflation (the Consumer Price Index rate, published in January each year).


Why isn't there an ADSL2+ version? - the unlimited SIM could be of interest.

  • sheephouse
  • 12 months ago

if it was half the price it might of been some sort of deal...?

I pay £24 for my 80/10 and £15 for my 100gb sim... no way would I warrant paying double.

Am I missing something?

  • smir
  • 11 months ago

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