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Gigaclear and Fastershire bring full fibre to more of Gloucestershire

Good news for those living and working in the Highnam, Maisemore, Tibberton and Upleadon areas of the Forest of Dean, Gigaclear has arrived with its FTTP service removing the variability due to line length that plagues DSL services.

Thanks to Gigaclear, the hall now has upload and download speeds of 900Mbps. We previously suffered from very poor broadband, with some residents unable to even send emails as a result of speeds under 1Mbps. Today, the village hall is a thriving hub of the community where we host monthly social events, coffee mornings, WI meetings and much more.

Plans are already underway to make the most of the new ultrafast connection and increase the hall’s revenue stream. Phil Cooke explains: “Many of the residents in the village are aged over 60 and don’t have the expertise to use computers or smart technology safely and effectively. We are considering holding computer courses that will help them browse the internet safely, use online banking and take advantage of all the great services available by getting online.

In addition to using the venue as a central base for the community, we hope to revive the hall by hiring it out to businesses for away days and meetings. It’s an old building and one that holds many fond memories among locals, some of which remember it from when it was a school. The additional income will ensure we can continue to refurbish the hall and enjoy its history for many years to come.

Phil Cooke, Chairman of the Upleadon Village Hall

The connection and provision for free of a connection in Upleadon Village Hall is a good way of winning over local residents and parish councils, particularly in smaller villages where a vibrant hall is truly the social hub of a village. We would though suggest that hiring out a hall on the basis of the broadband being full fibre and therefore fast may have a limited lifespan as Gigaclear rolls out to other villages in the area. Or put another way if the UK does reach 100% full fibre/Gigabit coverage in the next decade the full fibre will cease to be a key factor for those hiring out premises. The real key is having Wi-Fi access points that can cope with the maximum occupancy of the building and also cover the hall and outside areas.


Do you have any figures on the current properties passed out of the eventual 70,000 in the Fastershire Phase 3 Gigaclear contracts? It seems that they still have an awful lot of work to do, and time is running out...

  • sheephouse
  • 12 months ago

We are about last to have fibre tubing installed as part of the Highnam area. Now waiting to see when we can order Gigaclear service and have fibre blown first to our exterior box and then to the house.
Weeks, months or years is the question......

  • timchappell
  • 12 months ago

Any news on south of the A40? Feels like they have been digging there for 9 (?) or so months but no connections as yet?

  • kensta
  • 12 months ago

I spoke to Gigaclear last week about progress in my area (well to the south of the A40), and they are still in the "design" phase, so can't give any indication of when the design might be complete, or when the build may start (or end). Fastershire think the build will start in Q1 2020, but Gigaclear couldn't say whether that was possible. I have asked for an update from Fastershire, but no response as yet.
At the current rate of progress it will take decades for Gigaclear to complete the build (certainly longer than the BDUK money will be available).

  • sheephouse
  • 12 months ago

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