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CityFibre FTTP footprint passes 100,000 premises mark - UPDATED

The CityFibre full fibre roll-out continues and our tracking now has their footprint at 100,692 premises passed. The metro network covers a lot more premises but that does not count as premises passed when counting FTTP totals.

Latest CityFibre and Vodafone Gigafast footprint in Milton Keynes
Zoomed in map of full fibre footprint for Vodafone Gigafast and CityFibre roll-out in Milton Keynes

The footprint we have on our maps and checker reflects the current total and along with other full fibre services the coverage in these areas is:

  • Aberdeen 14.4%
  • Coventry 28.1%
  • Huddersfield 6.5%
  • Milton Keynes 49.8%
  • Peterborough 28%
  • Stirling 20.4%

The build is underway in other cities but as yet we have not spotted anything live outside these six areas, if your street can now order the Vodafone Gigafast service and it is not on the maps then do get in touch so we can update our systems.

Update 11:50pm The CityFibre/Vodafone Gigafast roll-out in Bournemouth has had its first postcodes added to the maps and checker. This extra coverage in Bournemouth and a few hundred additonal premises in Coventry has increased the footprint to 106,665 premises. The roll-out in Bournemouth currently fully overlaps existing Gigler full fibre coverage so has had no overall effect on the Bournemouth full fibre coverage percentages.


Pretty certain that Gigafast (via CityFibres network) is available in Bournemouth now, especially in the Northern areas as it was in the Echo a couple weeks ago.

  • Mycroft_Dorset
  • 12 months ago


Had seen social media chatter but was waiting a few weeks as they tend to do local stuff ahead of actually going live.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 12 months ago

In my area, Eastwood, Leigh on Sea, Essex they have offered me fibre to my property by December 2019, as I am currently with Sky will have to see what they say first.

  • 12 months ago

Whats that tool been used to show coverage in screenshot?

cityfibre rollout seems extremely slow, they been working for years on these areas. :(

  • chrysalis
  • 12 months ago

Tool i.e. its from what is in our checker and maps

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 12 months ago

@chrysalis - I thought these jobs started last year, no?

  • Cessquill
  • 12 months ago

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