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Plusnet to increase prices as of 3rd December 2019

For millions the widespread change to fixed price contracts during the minimum term has removed the worries around price rises, but  this does not make them totally immune to price rises.

Plusnet is sending out the notifications that from 3rd December there will be a number of price changes, for those in a fixed price broadband and line rental bundle contract term the line rental changes will not affect them. Add-ons such as call bundles will be affected and this is something that not everyone will be aware of.

  • Evening and Weekend call plan increases from £4/m to £5/m
  • Unlimited UK and mobile/anytime international call plan to increase from £8 to £9
  • Line rental to increase from £18.99/m to £19.99/m
  • Line rental saver increases from £197.88 to £209.88 for 12 months advance payment of the line rental element

Anyone signing up to a fixed price broadband/line rental contract before 3rd December 2019 will escape the price rises during the 12 or 18 month term on the broadband and line rental element. 


Yes, my line rental is going up by £1, may not seem a lot, but there are cheaper providers around and to be honest this line rental thing is just a way to put prices up and is a big con. £20 a month just to rent a line that is only used for broadband.
i am going to look around sorry plusnet, but paying £32 a month for just over 35Mb/s is not my idea of value these days.

  • zyborg47
  • 12 months ago

Phone them up, say you're thinking of leaving, and ask to be put on the £23.99/month 18 month contract that's currently available to new customers.

  • candlerb
  • 12 months ago

Zen are cheaper than plusnet now and you only have to sign up for 12 months. Also Zen have much better feedback.

  • itsonlyyou
  • 12 months ago

We at the point where line rental costs more than broadband monthly subs, insanity.

  • chrysalis
  • 12 months ago

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