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Vodafone superfast offer but price rise for some existing customers

Vodafone is running a special offer on its VDSL2/FTTC/partial fibre services again. Namely the Superfast 1 service and Superfast 2 services are the same price of £23/m on an 18 month contract with no upfront cost. This offer ends 31st October 2019.

The Superfast 1 service is based on the VDSL2 40/10 service i.e. maximum connection speed of 40 Mbps, which Vodafone say has an average speed of 35 Mbps (of course your speed is dependent on distance to the VDSL2 cabinet). Can claim 15% off monthly cost if sync speed falls below 25 Mbps.

The Superfast 2 service is based on the VDSL2 80/20 product i.e. max connection speed of 80 Mbps and upload is a maximum of 20 Mbps. The Vodafone stated average download is 63 Mbps. If you have a 40/10 service already there is no point in upgrading to the 80/20 based products unless your modem is already connecting at the maximum 40 Mbps, since the technology is identical on the two tiers just the speed cap is higher on the 80/20 service. Can claim 15% off monthly cost if sync speed falls below 55 Mbps.

The other bit of news concerns existing Vodafone customers who should have an email in their inbox about a price rise. Though those who have joined recently should be unaffected. 

At Vodafone, we’re always working hard to improve our broadband network – seeking out ways to make it even better, while always giving you great value. That’s why Broadband Genie found us to have the fastest upload speeds and we were recently voted uSwitch Best Value Broadband Provider.

However to make sure we can keep delivering our service at the award-winning standard you deserve, we need to increase the charge for our broadband packages by £2.50 a month.

We understand that a price rise is never great news, so we’ve put together some options that you can view online.

Extract from Vodafone price rise email

The fastest upload speeds award from Broadband Genie needs to be caveated, since our understanding is that this is based on all products an ISP sells and as Vodafone entered the fixed line market late it has very few ADSL/ADSL2+ customers and they pull the average speeds down. A much better comparison is the individual products where there is very little difference between products using the same technology. To have fastest upload also means ignoring operators like Hyperoptic, Community Fibre with Gigabit symmetric products.

Vodafone is offering to allow existing customers to avoid the price rise by locking into a new 18 month contract, which in the email we have seen means £22/m rather than £24.50, i.e. same price as you are paying currently. Customers who joined during offer periods when the price was lower just might have even better deals - do let us know.

For those who are in the middle of a contract, the price notification means you have a 30 day period to get the migration process underway and find another deal. Finding a cheap deal is possible but if you are someone who makes use of the broadband speed guarantee where you can get 15% off if you sync speed is below the guarantee it will be hard to find a cheaper deal.


I'm a long standing VF customer, and once they sorted out the oversubscribed cable link issues in my area I've generally been quite happy. I can't see any email saying I might be affected by price rises, all I'm see is the monthly "your latest bill is here..."

Does anyone have a snippet of wording so that I can check I haven't been notified. If I have, it might be a suitable time to leave.


  • mbames
  • about 1 year ago

I haven't had an email about price increase either and just had email saying my bill is ready. I've been a happy customer for Superfast 1 for just over two years with no problems and no need to ever contact customer service. A speed check now at 8.00pm shows single thread 37 and multiple thread 38 with 6 up - the cab is directly outside my property.
I've been paying £25pm ever since I joined.
I will be tempted to sign another contract at that price as the alternative for a cheaper deal @ £23.99pm would be Plusnet but I've just read reviews on Trustpilot and they're not good.

  • zhango
  • about 1 year ago

I got the email. Was paying £21 for super fast 1. Offer to renew for another 18 months and remain on £21/month or just stick to existing contract period and accept price rise to £23.50. I rang them today asking to take advantage of the super fast 2 offer - no problem - signed up for £23/month on 18 month contract, and get the new router/hub free. Very happy with that deal.

  • tonytiger07
  • 12 months ago

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