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Sky service now fully launched - UPDATED

The Ultrafast 1 service using the Openreach product is now live and ready for online orders on the Sky website

Service is £39/m for 18 months, then standard out of contract price is £44/m, with a £39.95 set up cost and a 100 Mbps minimum speed guarantee. The Ultrafast 2 service with higher speeds for those closest to the pod attached to the green street cabinet is also available but does not appear to show for initial orders, i.e. seems to be available as an upgrade for existing customers. We presume this is to manage speed expectations so that only those who will see a big benefit will be able to see it.

The FTTP version of the Ultrafast 1 and 2 products are yet to launch. We do see the odd FTTP person popping but these are usually new build or OFNL areas, but the service has not shown up in any noticeable way on the speed tests yet. Not seeing much is to be expected though as the service is now only available to properly order.

The speed estimates seem a little quirky, e.g. Sky is suggesting a speed range of 148 to 149 Mbps download speed for a property we checked. This is for a property where 183 to 285 Mbps download speeds look reasonably likely, most of this lower estimate is due to Sky only offering Ultrafast 1 with its 160 Mbps speed cap for those signing up. They should if when the line is up and running offer Ultrafast 2 i.e. the ordering systems want postive feedback on what each individual line can actually achieve. This is not unique to Sky as we have come across this with the other retailers and is linked to the initial estimates only being given an Amber status.

Update 1:45pm Setup costs seem to have changed from the £44.95 we found earlier and it is now showing as £39.95.


The next street over to us has but we don't, thought the rollout had stopped now in favour of FTTP but the Sky address checker is showing a 145Mbps estimate and "Broadband Ultrafast is coming soon to your area but check out which of our broadband packages are available to you."

Currently on Sky Superfast FTTC so hope they'll let me upgrade mid-contract.

  • srw985
  • about 1 year ago

great for the 1% that can get it..

  • lockyatlrg
  • about 1 year ago

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