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Another 514 homes with access to Gigaclear full fibre near Braintree, Essex

The Superfast Essex contract has seen another chunk delivered via the contracts it has with Gigaclear, 557 premises can now order a FTTP service via Gigaclear over a large area to the north west of Braintree stretching from Bocking Churchstreet to just before Finchingfield.

Latest Gigaclear FTTP deployment around Braintree in Essex
Map for latest Gigaclear FTTP availability in Essex

Our maps and postcode search have been updated to include this new coverage, though the highest zoom level will not be visible until later on Monday 14th October.

The extra premises should boost the full fibre coverage figures in the Braintree District Council area to around 2.6%, i.e. adding another 0.7 to 0.8 percentage points.

This extra coverage is part of a contract that should when finished in December 2021 have delivered full fibre to some 3,700 premises that currently don't have any fixed line superfast broadband options.

This is excellent news for these two communities in Braintree District and a great milestone for Gigaclear and the Superfast Essex programme to have achieved. We want to help as many rural residents and businesses as possible to have better access to online services and opportunities and the ultrafast speeds available from Gigaclear will make a tremendous difference. We look forward to even more of the Gigaclear network going live.

Essex County Councillor Lesley Wagland, Deputy Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Superfast Essex Steering Board Chairman

That such a widely spread out area covers just 557 premises illustrates how in much of the UK once you leave the urban sprawl of the main town in each council area you are often in sparsely populated areas. There are more premises being built to in the area and the contract only partly covers Panfield since the village has a VDSL2 cabinet and thus those who can get superfast speeds from that cabinet were excluded from the project contract.


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