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4,500 homes in Milton Keynes social housing portfolio to get Hyperoptic option

Those living in social housing in Milton Keynes that is part of the council's 4,500 property portfolio can now look forward to a range of speed options all the way up to the 900 Mbps average symmetrical speed service from Hyperoptic.

In a partnership with the council the portfolio of properties is set to see Hyperoptic roll-out with the first buildings to go live expected to be Ninth, Tenth and Silbury Boulevard.

It’s incredibly positive that the public sector is taking such a proactive role in fulfilling the vision of a full fibre UK and bridging the digital divide. The issues that typically compound digital exclusion are the provision and quality of broadband services. Having access to a connection over full fibre approach gives social housing residents the best Internet experience they could possibly have so that they can take advantage of everything that the Internet has to offer. This, in turn, addresses the digital divide dilemma as well as feeds into the desirable social mobility paradigm.

David Walker, Head of Property, Hyperoptic

The usual range of Hyperoptic contracts and speeds will be available including a no contract where you can leave at anytime subject to 30 days notice through to the more traditional 12 month contracts.

Milton Keynes is currently at number 6 for the most full fibre'd local authority in the UK at 44.6%, only beaten by Belfast 46.9%, Salford 48.3%, Barking and Dagenham 48.5%, York 51.6% and leading the charge Kingston Upon Hull at 98.6%.

An additional 4,500 properties in Milton Keynes will add 3.8 percentage points to the total, but the City Fibre roll-out saw the coverage of full fibre rise from 43.2% to the current 44.6% in the last 24 hours and it is that roll-out that is likely to determine where Milton Keynes ends in the full fibre charts in a year or two.


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