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One million broadband customers in the UK

At least this is what Oftel are telling us now. This figure is made up from ADSL, Cable modem, fixed wireless and satellite services.

Unfortunately it appears that Oftel believes the target of one million is through their regulatory intervention. In fact it is possible that the various Oftel interventions may have delayed the large uptake of broadband services in the UK. If anyone should be taking the glory for this initial milestone, it is the consumers who over the last two to three years have purchased the initial service offerings and finally in 2002 have helped a critical mass to be reached whereby broadband growth is looking healthy at last.

Lets look at Oftels main judgements, LLU contributes perhaps 1000 users to the total, and the broadband interconnect rulling is so new that its had a similar or smaller impact at this time. As for the idea that there is competition between three major teleco's in the UK, NTL and Telewest have nicely partitioned the areas of the UK that they want and thus only compete with BT.

Competition is not going to bring broadband to the whole of the UK, innovation and risk taking will. Perhaps the UK needs a body that will actively help the various community broadband schemes that are appearring.


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