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Gig1 Gigabit DOCSIS 3.1 service now available in Southampton

If you feel the need for speed then Southampton then satisfying that need just become a lot easier in Southampton as Virgin Media has switched on its DOCSIS 3.1 and launched a new Gig1 top speed tier.

We have checked and the Virgin Media checker is showing availability in Southampton giving people the option of the new Gig1 service which advertises as 1,104 Mbps download speeds at peak times (8pm to 10pm) and 52 Mbps upload speeds. 

The price is £62/m for the broadband only service on an 18 month contract with a £35 setup fee. The slower M500 service is oddly still only available when you take the ultimate oomph bundle, the M350 stand alone service retails at £52/m and has a shorter 12 month contract.

The existing Virgin Media superhub is replaced by the Hub 4 which has the usual 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual band Wi-Fi with the 802.11ac 5 GHz band supporting 4x4 MIMO. The speed testing for the advertising was completed using SamKnows software embedded in the router, since over Gigabit Ethernet the maximum speed test would be 940 Mbps.

While Gigabit speeds are seen as a requirement for those who engage in 8K streaming, cloud gaming or need a virtual reality telepresence it is likely that sales in the short term will be relatively low, this is all about future proofing and countering challenges from new full fibre market entrants. 

By launching our hyperfast Gig1 services in Southampton today, we’re marking the start of next-generation gigabit connectivity across our entire network at a speed and scale unmatched by anyone else. This service is more than 20 times faster than the UK’s average broadband speed, meaning that households can do everything they want to do online, at the same time, without delay and are well set for whatever comes next. The Government has called for nationwide gigabit connectivity and we’re helping them leap forward to reach this ambition.

Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media

I am pleased Virgin shares our ambition to boost the UK's connectivity by investing in the fastest and most reliable broadband speeds. This will mean people can really take advantage of the digital revolution.

It is fantastic Southampton will benefit from Virgin's investment and progress is being made to get gigabit-capable connectivity right across the UK.

We are also investing heavily to make sure the whole country can capitalise on next generation broadband and are committed to creating the right opportunities for industry to push ahead with nationwide rollout.

Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Update 11pm Looking back at the September speed tests just before starting the end of the month data processing we see some Gig1 service speed tests e.g. this 783 Mbps down and 53.3 Mbps test.


This is ridiculous, it's 47euros elsewhere in Europe. The most over-priced over-taxed over-worked country. I'm appalled by that price, another reason I wouldn't join Virgin Media.

  • Spitfire400
  • 20 days ago

Spitfire400. I'm not sure whether you are being ridiculous or not: "I'm appalled by that price, another reason I wouldn't join Virgin Media". What are you on, how fast is it and how much does it cost?

  • MacMuser
  • 20 days ago

Or to put it another way - you could spend £37/m for a broadband-only commercial service on your rural Scottish ADSL2 line, just in order to guarantee a 4.7Mbps download and 0.45Mbps upload during the daytime.
If this sort of service was offered on Skye, VM's hands, arms, and shoulders would be bitten-off!!

  • p6resthome
  • 20 days ago

@thinkbroadband Wish I could get them to install into my block, when they tried, they claimed there wanst any space…

  • @MrAndMrsSmith99
  • comment via twitter
  • 20 days ago

p6resthome. I feel for you. I was stuck at 5Mbps with BT's ADSL, or even 0.5Mbps on bonded ISDN that cost £300 pm but couldn't send files to London Docklands. Then I moved to Virgin and the Mbps were measured in the hundreds, currently £40pm for telephone and 200Mbps. I cloud upgrade that to 500 but don't need the speed.

  • MacMuser
  • 20 days ago

It looks like it's only part of Southampton. Maybe they're only interested in covering the areas that toob are launching in.

  • Zhadnost
  • 19 days ago

I would love those speeds and pay that price.

  • lockyatlrg
  • 19 days ago

£62/m for 1 gigabit or £52/m for 350 megabit. Their pricing is all over the place. No change there then.
Still raising prices every year too.

  • flilot
  • 18 days ago

I wonder what the reliability will be like. On VM I went from a 100% stable 100Mbps, to a fairly stable 200Mbps, then to a 350Mbps that was so unstable their engineers couldn't fix it and I jumped ship to BT's very stable 330Mbps.

  • Daemon66
  • 17 days ago

Stable as in stopped working at all, or throughput speeds varied more?

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 15 days ago

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