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Sky partners with BUUK for full fibre in new builds

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2019 9:16 AM

Many may be wondering who BUUK are in the headline, but if we said OFNL (formerly IFNL) then lots more people will know who we are talking about. BUUK Infrastructure build the utilities at a growing number of new build sites along with a full fibre network.

The strategic full fibre partnership between BUUK and Sky means that Sky will be the anchor tenant at new and old developments where OFNL full fibre infrastructure exists.

The scale of the roll-out is interesting since the press release says that BUUK are targetting 200,000 new build properties in the course of the next 12 months. The current OFNL/BUUK footprint we are aware of is 53,100 premises but climbing daily as work through the last quarter of new postcodes, the current footprint is in line with previous announcements about the size of their footprint.

Should we expect to see 200,000 more premises in the next 12 months? We are sceptical, the word 'targetting' suggests that they have not signed deals with developers yet covering 200,000 premises scheduled for the next year, but that they are going to try and negotiate to be the broadband builder so how successful will depend on competing with people like Openreach, Virgin Media and Hyperoptic and others such as Fibre Nest who will obviously deal with Persimmon new build sites since Fibre Nest is the Persimmon broadband arm.

The reason for the scepticism is compounded by us only being able to find less than 200,000 new premises in every year since 2012, so unless they is going to be a massive housing boom in the next few months winning and building 200,000 new homes of full fibre would mean no other broadband provider building any. 


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