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Ascott under Wychwood now has Gigaclear full fibre available

A little more full fibre is on our maps this time courtesy of Gigaclear and another corner of Oxfordshire has leapt into the 21st century with access to full fibre.

There is a handful of postcodes that look like the build is still on its way in the village and a number in the surrounding countryside, so hopefully not too long for those on the build list in this area.

The original VDSL2 cabinet in the village was delivered by the BDUK Oxfordshire contract so for the majority of the premises in Ascott-under-Wychwood this is about future proofing and avoiding the physics problem with VDSL2 where connection speeds degrade as the line metallic line length increases.

The Gigaclear roll-out has had a lot of delays in some areas and while announcing that we've seen villages where the network has gone live will not help those stuck waiting it will at least reassure people that the company is continuing to build. The map has been updated for the Gigaclear layer, but the impact on other layers e.g. the not superfast postcodes will update over the course of the weekend.


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