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Eydon in Northamptonshire now has Gigaclear full fibre

The latest area added to our coverage maps for Gigaclear is Eydon in Northamptonshire, where the village and some other outlying postcodes are now ready for people to order the full fibre service.

There are more postcodes in the area where it looks like the Gigaclear build is on the way and we presume in Eydon that the deployment was a commercial roll-out as Openreach cabinets 7 and 15 went live for VDSL2 in 2014 and 2017 respectively under the phase phase 1 and phase 2 BDUK roll-outs.

We welcome feedback on other areas where Gigaclear is available to order but is not on our maps yet.


According to Gigaclear's website, it looks like this area is being completed on time (Q3 2019). In fact it looks like all Northamptonshire areas are due to be completed before my Gloucestershire area is even started. Are they prioritizing their commercial builds?

  • sheephouse
  • 12 days ago

Regional variations are to be expected, since it seems very possible that one area may have a set of contractors proceeding swiftly and other areas may have problems getting the numbers of people working on it, along with other delays e.g. long approval periods for roadworks.

Local terrain can also have an effect, e.g. soft dig in verges is less disruptive and faster than roads/pavements

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 12 days ago

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