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CityFibre and Cubis Systems sign strategic supplier agreement

The CityFibre rollout as part of its Gigabit City Club build is aiming to reach at least 5 million homes and that roll-out is going to get through a lot of access chambers, covers and cable management systems.

Cubis Systems has signed a strategic supplier agreement with CityFibre to supply the hardware needed until December 2020.

We are delighted that CityFibre have chosen Cubis Systems’ products to play such a vital part in the network infrastructure that CityFibre is building across the UK.

Over the last months we have come to understand the needs and requirements of CityFibre as its rollout gains pace and we have been very impressed with their professionalism and ambition. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership going forward.

Alan Long, Chief Commercial Officer, Cubis Systems


Why is this news? Until Dec 2020 is not long term.

  • Somerset
  • 16 days ago

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