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Huddersfield now has live Vodafone Gigafast full fibre

There are now six areas of the UK where we are showing live coverage for the Vodafone Gigafast service, Aberdeen, Coventry, Huddersfield, Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Stirling and in the just over two weeks since hitting the 70,000 premises passed mark the CityFibre network builders have now passed the 80,000 mark.

The Vodafone Gigafast footprint is at 80,360 premises with the Huddersfield footprint in the Sheepridge and Deighton areas adding a couple of thousand of premises.

As is usual there is lots more building activity across these existing CityFibre/Gigafast locations but we only flag postcodes once the service is live and available to order. Of course we cannot check everywhere daily, so if you have been watching closely yourself and are now able to place an order and we don't have it on our maps and package search we welcome a prod to check specific streets. 

The full fibre availability across the six local authorities where Vodafone Gigafast is available:

  • Milton Keynes 42.6% (=)
  • Peterborough 25.4% (+2.4)
  • Coventry 20.6% (+0.1)
  • Stirling 17.8% (+5.5)
  • Aberdeen 9.8% (+1.8)
  • Kirklees 4.5%

NOTE: This is full fibre availability from all broadband operators.

Milton Keynes has had a small increase in the footprint but not enough to move the coverage percentage when quoting to a single decimal place.

The pace at which the contractors working for CityFibre building the GPON FTTP network out from the metro network in the various locations does seem to be increasing, so fingers crossed we may see the 100,000 premises mark passed at the end of September or early October.


@thinkbroadband Any news when Sky wil release super fast 1/ 2 on the website only says register interest

  • @OGsagex
  • comment via twitter
  • 23 days ago

Some have popped up recently in the Northampton (cityfibre/voda) starting late Sept, this is as they promised with a autumn start. Luckily it looks like its starting in my area first, and low and behold after 8 years of waiting Openreach fibre checker has now also changed to FTTP coming soon, as with buses you wait ages then two come along! I look forward to getting both at max speeds for redundancy.

  • rolandrat
  • 23 days ago

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