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Hyperoptic upgrades its entry level service to 50 Mbps

The cheapest Hyperoptic service that is usually on offer for around £20/m or £21/m if you take the broadband and phone option has just got a good chunk faster.

The 30 Mbps download with 1 Mbps upload entry level product is now a 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload service and the pricing is the same as the old tier and existing customers on the old 30 Mbps and even older 20 Mbps this time around should see a free upgrade to the faster speeds.

For general web browsing many people may not notice much of a difference from the extra 20 Mbps download speed, but for those in homes where someone was streaming 4K content the extra download should avoid now mean others using the connection will not be impacted. The extra upload speed is possible the least covered but most welcome addition as the acknowledgements for a full 30 Mbps download would often almost fill the existing upload, so the extra headroom will make a big difference for those browsing while waiting for a large download to complete.


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