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Your chance to win £250,000 if you host international conferences

There is a competition underway for some £250,000 of funding for venues that host international conferences (i.e. hotels, conference centres and other event venues. The money is meant to be used to install full fibre connectivity if not all ready present .

The UK in 2017 apparently hosted 592 international association meetings with delegates spending some £4.5 billion according to figures from DCMS. 

We want the UK to attract the biggest and best international business events to help grow our economy and encourage trade and investment. Ensuring our conference facilities can deliver the connectivity and facilities organisers want and need is crucial to help achieve this and there is a great deal of scope to expand this area.

Our Tourism Sector Deal is providing a broadband boost to the country’s business events industry, and I would encourage all eligible venues to apply.

Tourism Minister Rebecca Pow

If your venue can host more than 400 delegates, has hosted at least one international event in the last year where a 1/3rd of attendees were from outside the UK then you can apply - alternatively if you plan to to host such an event in the next year you may qualify then it is worth heading over to the DCMS pages with the entry form and conditions.

The funding should go to multiple locations since the average expected to be handed out is around the £30,000 mark and one of the questions relates to whether use of the money will help others in the area to subsequently use Gigabit vouchers to get full fibre services connected.

The largest venues should already have full fibre installed many larger hotels will too one would hope, it may help some venues that for some reason are currently surviving on multiple FTTC services but generally the problem with conferences and other large events is congestion in the Wi-Fi spectrum or the access points being overloaded with the number of client devices trying to connect. Hence the common call for people to switch off their own personal hot spots to give the in building Wi-Fi network a better chance. 


Can we really expect that the same number of delegates will want to visit the UK after we leave the EU Club ?

  • egan23
  • about 1 year ago

If your venue gets 400 delegates for international conferences/events and needs decent connectivity, but isn't considered commercially viable, Pay for it, the same as the rest of us have to. If you don't feel the investment is worth it then don't.

Good point regarding the deployments helping others, That doesn't seem to be the way OR are handling the New build fibre deployments. It'll be much cheaper to run basically a FTTPod service out to these venues leaving those nearby no closer to fibre.

  • Swac3
  • about 1 year ago

Why would I book a conference centre for my seminar on 'Jaffa Cakes - biscuit or cake?' if the venue did not have excellent connectivity for the international delegates?

  • Somerset
  • about 1 year ago

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