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Vodafone Together bundles 5G and partial fibre

The latest thing in the Vodafone product line up is Vodafone Together which bundles a 5G SIM only service with a FTTC service. This means you will see claims that this is the first 5G and broadband bundle even though it has been possible to order the two products for sometime from Vodafone, the bit that is new is that you can order the two products as a single package rather than self combining - the new bundles are no cheaper than the more long winded old method.  The seamless effect you get from bundling does seem to be a bit broken as you need to telephone to order the bundle rather than a simple online order.

The 5G SIM only deals are available with three speed limits if you want an unlimited service, so you can save a few pound a month if you are happy with a 2 Mbps maximum mobile speed or 10 Mbps but to get the best from 5G or even 4G opting for the Max service where the speed limit is down the usual mobile broadband range and capacity issues. You can opt for a usage limited version to save again and the bonus of the bundle is that if your fixed line service at home breaks they add 50GB of usage allowance to keep you going.

The two bundles we think that have the most appeal are:

  • Unlimited mobile data with 10 Mbps speed cap 5G SIM only with Vodafone Home broadband at £46/m
  • Unlimited mobile data with maximum speed 5G SIM only with Vodafone Home broadband at £50/m

The 5G SIM requires you to bring your own device to the party and the SIM will drop back to 4G or 3G if you are not in a 5G area.

The Vodafone Home Broadband is the usual Vodafone FTTC/VDSL2 offering but the price of Superfast 1 (average speed 35 Mbps) and Superfast 2 (average speed 63 Mbps) are identical at £20/m for mobile pay monthly customers (including new customers buying Vodafone Together). If quit paying for the mobile pay monthly package the price of the home broadband will rise to £23/m. Don't forget the extra incentive of a free Amazon Echo Plus.

The identical pricing of the two Superfast options is new this week, there is usually a small price premium for the Superfast 2 service which is based on the 80/20 VDSL2 product rather than the 40/10 of the Superfast 1. Sky has done something similar by merging its two 40/10 and 80/20 products under a single Superfast umbrella product but this is causing some negative feedback from those who find themselves downgraded from an 80/20 product to a 40/10 due to large degree of caution by Sky, e.g. those who have previously had speeds of 48 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up  are sometimes finding themselves capped by the slower 40/10 service.


". . . the bit that is new is that you can the two products as a single package rather than self combining . . ."

Perhaps a word has escaped from that phrase? Either "order" or "purchase", maybe?

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Have created some order from my morning chaos

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