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CityFibre claims title of the original full fibre champions

We don't know exactly what Boris Johnson is planning on the changes to the roll-out of full fibre broadband, the presumption at present is that there will be an accelerated roll-out to reach full coverage of FTTP by 2025.

CityFibre has issued a comment and it is rare for us to cover a providers comment in its own individual news item, but given the bold claim that CityFibre are the original champions of full fibre in the UK might raise some questions particularly since there have been lots of others building FTTP for lots more years whereas for CityFibre the residential level coverage only started to appear in 2018.

As the original champions of full fibre in the UK, we are delighted to see the new Government recognise the vital importance of rolling out this transformational infrastructure, and we stand ready to work with Government to help achieve this vision.

Full fibre connectivity is key to introduce a new generation of services, catalyse innovation, promote creativity and drive the economic and social development of the UK.

It’s the investment from a new generation of competitive infrastructure builders that, in a very short time, has galvanised the UK market in this sector, and at CityFibre we have big plans to extend our network’s footprint to at least 20% of UK households and businesses in the next five years, from Aberdeen to Lowestoft, and Rotherham to Worthing.

The Government’s 2025 target is an ambitious one, and some bold steps are needed to achieve it.

An essential element will be to continue to unlock the very significant private investment from companies such as ours in a vibrant competitive market; one prioritised to roll out full fibre to as much of the UK as possible in the shortest possible time.

Other essential components will be access to the skills and workforce to get the job done, a proactive approach to removing the barriers that slow local deployment and helping consumers to make the most of this transformational change.

CityFibre response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments today about full fibre infrastructure roll out

Lots of the coverage on the full fibre for all by 2025 campaign promise has been around how difficult it will be and the reason so many think this is that given where coverage is today to reach 100% coverage will need at least 370,000 premises passed by FTTP every month between now and the end of 2025. The increase in four weeks prior to 7th July was 132,188 premises so it means that operators need to triple the volume they are delivering and the majority what is being built today is in the easier (and cheaper) urban areas at present and so as coverage ramps up and you shift out of the urban streets keeping that pace up will require even more people.

The level of overlap between the various commercial roll-outs is a big unknown at this time and it is possible that one way of improving the probability of reaching the 2025 target would be for there to be collaboration between the fibre builders to minimise the amount of overbuild that takes place, unfortunately this sort of practice would fall foul of competition law currently.

While remembering there will be some FTTP we have yet to find that CityFibre has built and is open for ordering our total today is 63,512 premises and the pace needed for CityFibre to reach 6 million premises (20% of the 30.1 million premises we know of in the UK) is around 78,000 premises every month, i.e. just below the rate at which Openreach is delivering when you average over the last few months.


As the original champions. I would suggest not that title belongs to company in which cjtyfibre came from

  • xvena
  • 26 days ago

CityFibre is an important player in FTTP market, but they are NOT the original champions of ’full-fibre’. There are several original champions of ’full-fibre’, including B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North - focused on rural communities and self-build networks of course).

Instead of CityFibre making personal claims, perhaps their marketing energies could be better focused on working with other FTTP suppliers in lobbying for more support to accelerate total FTTP take up? Just a thought..

  • B4RN_Volunteer
  • 23 days ago

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