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Christmas is early again...

It appears that Service Providers can not help themselves. There are lots of special offers appearing for broadband subscriptions and with the heightened awareness generated from the 'Broadband Pipe Explosion' television adverts, it makes some sense.

BT Retail, with its BT Broadband product started the ball rolling by extending its £30 activation offer to 31st December 2002.

Freeserve is extending its current free activation offer for those who buy the hardware pack at £85 to the end of the year. Also, people who buy an 'emachines' computer from Dixons/PC World will be able to get Freeserve Broadband for just £19.99 during the first 6 months of the 12 month minimum contract - this second offer only runs from the 10th October to 22nd October 2002.


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