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Openreach claims Twickenham at the 10,000 full fibre premises passed mark

A bit of PR but worth covering as full fibre is the future and as we get more of this fibre islands appearing the complaints will shift from not being able to get speeds of 20 to 30 Mbps to having to put up with the occassional resyncs and variable connection speeds from VDSL2.

Twickenham is the lastest exchange to have a mini Openreach celebration with the infrastructure operator marking hitting the 10,000 premises passed mark.

We want our residents and businesses to be amongst the best connected in the country, with high speed, high quality broadband available for all. Later in the year we will be consulting on the Council's digital strategy for improving services and communications with Richmond residents.

Encouraging faster internet connection will be key. As well as faster downloads for entertainment at home, there are also benefits for businesses, including uploading, downloading and transferring large files, enabling vital new digital services like uninterrupted monitoring, video conferencing and streaming, as well as enabling things like greater flexible working for staff.

Cllr Robin Brown, Lead Member for Finance and Resources, Richmond Council
Fibre manifold in street chamber Twickenham
Councillor Brown with Openreach inspecting Openreach FTTP manifold on street

Looking at the data we have for Twickenham exchange we know of 9,869 premises where the Openreach FTTP service is available to order and while the majority are in postcodes where VDSL2 was already available some exchange only lines now have FTTP as an option. It is possible that there is more Openreach FTTP to get closer or maybe just past the 10,000 mark, just a case of waiting for Twickenham to work its way around the interesting places to look at list. On the Twickenham exchange the Openreach FTTP footprint amounts to 61.8% of premises and with other FTTP providers added rises to 62.7%.

The London Borough of Richmond is of course much larger than Twickenham but the exchange is by far the largest contributor to the 12.6% of full fibre coverage across the Borough.

Update 7:30pm We realised shortly after the original publication that the premises figures from our analysis was three weeks old and the analysis process has now completed for our Openreach exchange dataset. This means the original 9,595 premises passed by Openreach FTTP has been updated along with the 60.1% Openreach FTTP and 60.5%. There is no change to the Richmond figure as that dataset is updated a lot more frequently.


O/T: What happened to the news story where CityFibre have announced 14 new Gigabit cities? Seems to have disappeared!

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