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Time to revisit how Openreach FTTP is split up

A month ago we shared some figures on what we have tracked down in terms of FTTP delivery from Openreach, the trigger then was the crossing of the 3 million ultrafast premises passed boundary, alas since then changes to how is sold (i.e. 120 Mbps minimum rather than 100 Mbps) mean the 3 million figure has not gone up massively even though lots of FTTP is still being delivered.

Splits for Openreach FTTP and change in category since 4th June 2019:

  • 445,548 premises via BDUK or other rural intervention (increase of 7,379)
  • 482,465 premises in Fibre First areas (increase of 54,378)
  • 222,204 premises via New Build since January 2016 (increase of 63,070)
  • 176,309 premises via commercial/old roll-out (increase of 15,220)

The new build figure has the largest increase and that is partly down to the release of new postcode information from ONS each quarter, i.e. some months will have a much larger jump in this figure as figure out what is available to all the new postcodes. 

The increase in the BDUK/gap funded category is the smallest at 7,379 but does show that while the scale of the BDUK and other rural roll-outs is now smaller since its generally smaller contracts using recycled money it has most definitely not stopped.

The new build situation will get its own news article later this month but looking at just the Openreach full fibre situation, the premises attributed to 2019 are 69.1% Openreach FTTP based, 2018 60%, 2017 31.8% and 2016 20%. The additional impact of other full fibre providers and things like VDSL2 will be shared when we do the big table of figures article.


Andrew. The embedded link is broken (missing the /news. Should be

Even with 3 months new postcodes that's a lot of new build. I wonder is the actual % FTTP is higher than 69.1% on homes being built now as some are still incrementing in the 2018/17/16 figures and is obviously takes time to identify all the FTTP.

  • jumpmum
  • 6 days ago

Fixed the link - cms messed it up

Thats not just new build from the last quarter, still seeing ones that we checked in 2018/2017 which now show as FTTP and also some old ones where the number of premises has increased.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 5 days ago

What is the difference between Fibre First and Commercial Rollout from OR perspective? Just different names for the same thing or does fibre first receive funding from somewhere?

  • hvis42
  • 5 days ago

Fibre First is the recent i.e. announced in 2018 and started to appear in Dec 2018 in terms of live premises.

The commercial covers the older FTTP footprint and is going up because some exchanges have seen new FTTP roll-out without being a Fibre First nominated exchange.

Expected difference for the recent stuff is the Fibre First ones will see the bulk migration from VDSL2 to FTTP happening first e.g. Salisbury announced as first trial one.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 5 days ago

Andrew; Thanks, I assume the 445k for BDUK does include Cornwall. Is this the case? At the EFRA select committee last week Margot James and the written submission had 350k FTTP from BDUK.

  • ValueforMoney
  • 3 days ago

It does say BDUK or other rural Cornwall will be in there.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 3 days ago

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