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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for September 2002

Our September Speed Test results have revealed some interesting changes in the ISP rankings. The most significant improvement has to be awarded to PIPEX who have moved from 10th to 4th after a recent change to their UK routing policy. Prior to September, a large portion of PIPEX traffic destined for the UK was flowing via the US.

The new 'no frills' BT Broadband service is certainly living up to its name while only managing to secure 10th position last month. Congratulations to Nildram, Zen and Demon for securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Rank ISP Downstream Upstream Total
1 Nildram 419 Kbps 232 Kbps 834
2 Zen Internet 413 Kbps 228 Kbps 782
3 Demon 410 Kbps 214 Kbps 438
4= PIPEX Internet Limited 408 Kbps 206 Kbps 3181
4= Freedom 2 Surf PLC 408 Kbps 228 Kbps 414
6 Eclipse Internet 405 Kbps 233 Kbps 787
7 Freeserve 399 Kbps 205 Kbps 872
8 PlusNet 398 Kbps 204 Kbps 1269
9 One.Tel 392 Kbps 218 Kbps 164
10 BT Broadband 388 Kbps 206 Kbps 553

Please note that smaller ISPs may be excluded from this list due to a lack or absence of speed test data. ISPs are ranked by average downstream speed for 512Kbps connections with a minimum of 150 confirmed test results ("total" column). In addition, we urge our users to try our ISP Comparator which considers other factors such as reliability and customer service. Remember to ask in our Message Boards if you're choosing a new ISP!


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