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Community Fibre brings full fibre to more flats in London

Community Fibre is unashamedly London centric and after updates at the weekend to their coverage we can report that the full fibre footprint we have found covers some 58,183 premises.

Community Fibre offer three speed tiers 40 Mbps, 200 Mbps and 920 Mbps (all symmetric) with the respective pricing of £20/m, £35/m and £50/m. 

Their roll-out along with Hyperoptic, Openreach and others in the London area is one reason why full fibre is available to 11.08% of London premises (515,123 premises). The fact that from a quick look at the maps the combined full fibre footprint looks smaller than the number of premises we are counting is down to the skewing that you get due to the large number of premises in a single postcode when dealing with apartments and in some cases different postcodes are stacked in the same location.


Does anyone know if they’re ever going to go outside of London?

According to someone at Connected Britain, the CEO has gone so reckon changes are coming.

  • Jack_M
  • 4 months ago

Does Virgin not provide full fibre in Thinkland?

  • davethink
  • 4 months ago

Vast majority of the Virgin Media network is DOCSIS which is a partial fibre service, i.e. coax from home back to the street cabinet.

Virgin Media does do RFOG which is FTTP i.e. fibre onto outside wall of premises but products sold are identical, we do track attempt to track this.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 4 months ago

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