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More full fibre in Mickleton and Ebrington areas of Gloucestershire

More full fibre and unlike the majority of what we find each week this is in a rural area with premises in Mickleford, Ebrington and Broad Camden now able to order a full fibre service from Gigaclear. 

There is also good news for those in areas where Gigaclear is available and are not already customers, the GO300 and GO900 services (300 Mbps and 900 Mbps symmetric tiers respectively) have a special offer running.

  • If you use the code GO300 when ordering the 300 Mbps tier drops to £35/m for 18 months from the standard £45/m
  • If you use the code GO900 when ordering the 900 Mbps tier drops to £55/m for 18 months form the standard £75/m

There is no offer on the entry level 30 Mbps symmetric package which is £35/m and a £120 activation fee, on the GO300 and GO900 packages the activation fee is reduced to £30.


It is nice to see some news of progress in Fastershire's areas, this being in Lot3D. The last news of progress was in March when a caravan park was connected in the the Herefordshire part of Lot3C. As yet there is not a single connection I'm aware of in the Gloucestershire part of Lot 3C or Lot2. Hopefully there should be some before the end of the year. Maybe? Although there is very little news of progress from Fastershire or Gigaclear, my perception is that they are already running behind their latest plan that was put forward earlier this year.

  • sheephouse
  • 4 months ago

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