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TalkTalk raises average speeds for its partial fibre products

We have just updated our package listings for TalkTalk based on the information the provider has sent out claiming improvements on the average peak time speeds for the VDSL2 products.

  • Average 36 Mbps service now increased to 38 Mbps (based on 40/10 VDSL2 product)
  • Average 63 Mbps service rises to 67 Mbps (based on 80/20 VDSL2 product)

We have some concerns over the figure of 38 Mbps, since this is exactly the same figure as when rather than the median peak time speed (i.e that 50% would see) the up to figure for what 10% would see was advertised. It should be noted there is no special technical improvements specific to TalkTalk.

The concern centres around the 40/10 product having a maximum sync speed of 40,000 Kbps, which depending on the way the DLM is operating gives a maximum throughput of 38,400 Kbps to 36,400 Kbps. Once you combine this with the distance limitations of VDSL2 having half the customers connecting at the maximum sync speed and running with the best combination of settings on DLM and seeing NO peak time drop seems statistically improbable.

Looking at our own data, we see a plateau for the TalkTalk 40/10 FTTC users in the 37.1 to 37.9 Mbps region but this is the maximum speed for the service. Some 47.5% of the TalkTalk customers we see on are speed test are identified as on the 40/10 product with a further 12.7% on the 80/20 product and a small 0.8% on FTTP with the other 39% on ADSL2+. So it is feasible that an awful lot of its customers are enjoying the maximum sync speed. Our median speed for the product in April 2019 was 26 Mbps (lower due to Wi-Fi) but if you take the top 20% speed we were seeing 35.3 Mbps (the top 20% speeds from our observations mean you are most likely to be seeing the speeds that people connecting via Ethernet on a well configured system are getting)

What is very interesting though is that the most recent Ofcom Home Broadband Performance report shows the peak time (8pm to 10pm) speeds for the TalkTalk 36 Mbps FTTC service (i.e. the 40/10 product) in the range 31.4 to 33.4 Mbps and the maximum speeds at 32.3 Mbps to 34.2 Mbps, which indicates TalkTalk has managed to find another 5 Mbps of speed compared to the Ofcom analysis. 

It would be interesting to have the time to sift through the data and methodology TalkTalk has used to arrive at the 38 Mbps figure, we can bet that the other broadband providers will be doing the same with their own data to see if they can make the same claim.


I call bull on this, who checks for these average speeds anyway?

  • zyborg47
  • 3 months ago

My TT experience during the last 4 months suggests that while my 40/10 service has remained largely similar at 37.5 download, upload has fallen from 8.4 to 6.3. Speed shown at the new TT router was 40/9.0 (it has never shown as 40/10) but is now 40/7.0.

Has some upload capacity been sacrificed to 'steady' download speeds I wonder?

  • BBSlowcoach
  • 3 months ago

What they need to do is uncap those on 80/20 and let the line give them what it can!

  • smir
  • 3 months ago

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