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Dust off your CV as search for new Ofcom CEO is underway

The end of an era at Ofcom as Sharon White is to leave from her role as CEO after over four years.

Sharon has been an outstanding Chief Executive for Ofcom and will be missed by the whole organisation.

Under Sharon’s leadership, Ofcom has helped to deliver ultrafast broadband, widespread 4G mobile and now 5G, and became the first independent regulator of the BBC.

She leaves Ofcom as a regulator with a relentless focus on the consumer interest; making sure people and businesses can get the best out of their communications services.

Lord Burns, Ofcom Chairman

This is not early retirement but a big shift in direction as she is planning to head The John Lewis Partnership as Chairman,

We should point out that ultrafast broadband has been around for some years, since the DOCSIS network has existed for a long time, what has changed in the last year or so has been that because Ofcom define ultrafast as starting at 300 Mbps the Virgin Media upgrades to support 300 and 350 Mbps rather than their previous 200 Mbps maximum speed led to a big jump in the Ofcom ultrafast figures.

Regulation changes and the long winded rule set that Openreach now operate to have happened during Sharon Whites' tenure and these along with many other factors have lead use towards the point where full fibre coverage is increasing daily. The duct and pole sharing changes seem to be being much more widely adopted than previous versions so may boost the pace of roll-out by competitors i.e. we may see in the next few years a roll-out pace that matches Openreach.

The true measure of how successful the many changes Ofcom has made in the last few years will not be apparent until 2025 and beyond, so we hope that the new CEO once appointed does not attempt any about turns that may upset the changes that are accelerating to the right outcome, which in the broadband sense has to be 100% of premises with access to full fibre at an affordable price.


John Lewis business flat lining so get in a person
pay her £990,000 and ensure she has no retail experience.

  • Marlon88
  • about 1 year ago

Well, if it's someone who hunkers down, does nowt until 2025 and appears at the end covered in roses, I'm sure a whole crop of ex Brexit ministers are eager and available...

  • Webbas
  • about 1 year ago

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