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BBC Watchdog finds 4,500 TalkTalk customers details online

BBC Watchdog Live at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd May will be covering the issues around 4,500 TalkTalk customers whose personal data was leaked as part of the wider 2015 data breach but in the ensuing communications from TalkTalk these customers were told their data had not been compromised.

The consumer shows investigation started after viewers contacted Watchdog worried that their data had been involved in the 2015 data leak whereas TalkTalk told them previously they were not affected and researchers were actually able to find the compromised data of some 4,500 customers using search engines (article states Google but no doubt if data was indexed by Google other index engines will have found it).

The data includes name, address, email, bank details, landline and mobile numbers and date of birth.

Even if other security measures mean that peoples bank accounts have not been emptied the wealth of data is a gift to scammers who are getting increasingly sophisticated and adapt the scripts they use as the scams become more widely known e.g. the common 'we are BT calling' calls have moved on from problems with your PC or internet is offline to talking about issues with your broadband speeds flucuating - this scam usually aims to get some software installed onto your PC so that malware can be installed.

TalkTalk did contact all its customers about the original breach, but this batch of 4,500 only got there was a breach but your data was not leaked letter, the original breach saw personal information from 157,000 customers taken.


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