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Full fibre GPON pricing for Aquiss business service released

For businesses in some 22 towns and cities another broadband option has appeared in between the low price higher contention consumer and very small business FTTP products and traditional leased lines.

Aquiss has announced its two GPON based FTTP packages that are available in Aberdeen, Bracknell, Bradford, Bristol, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloucester, Huddersfield, Leeds, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Maidenhead, Northampton, Nottingham, Peterborough, Reading, Rotherham, Sheffield, Southend and Wakefield. These 22 locations represent the current areas where the CityFibre metro network operates.

  • Business Managed GPON - Option 1 500 Mbps symmetric £275/m ex VAT.
  • Business Managed GPON - Option 2 1000 Mbps symmetric £330/m ex VAT.

The lead time for an install is around 45 days and the contracts are a full 36 month commitment, so if any pro-sumer readers were contemplating splashing out it is a big decision. There is no upfront charge.

While this is GPON FTTP due to the long lead time on the install it means that these locations do not count towards the UK FTTP target, in the same way the leased lines and Openreach Fibre on Demand availability do not contribute. Compared to the Openreach FoD service the lead time is a lot faster and the no big upfront cost unlike on FoD will be a big part of the appeal.

We have seen others announce a business product with Gigabit symmetric speeds over GPON of £50+VAT i.e. toob in the Southampton area. What we need to highlight is that the difference will lie in the things like the SLA and for a business making heavy use of the connection what the committed rate is, along with the burst rate. The chances of a £50 service versus a £330 service having the same commitment in terms of speed from the ONT all the way through to beyond the providers network and the wider Internet are approaching zero.


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