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Second area of Stirling sees Vodafone Gigafast service arrive - updated

Those living and working in the Broomridge area of Stirling now have access to the Vodafone Gigafast service with options starting at 100 Mbps rising to 900 Mbps via the full fibre roll-out in partnership with CityFibre.

Along with the roll-outs in Aberdeen, Coventry, Milton Keynes and Peterborough the Vodafone Gigafast footprint that we know about is now at 44,162 premises. The additional area we have found in Stirling now means that full fibre is available to 5.5% of premises in the city.

Update Saturday 11th May: Another area of Peterborough now has access to the Gigafast full fibre service taking the UK footprint to 45,298 premises and Peterborough itself to a FTTP coverage level of 18.9% of premises.


They are up my street today competing the 3rd area in Stirling, Wallace Park.

  • veletron
  • 10 days ago

This project is not all milk n honey, for a start the mess some streets have been left in after the works is appalling. The Eastern villages of Fallin, Throsk, Plean and Cowie have been competely missed off the project, these areas suffer some of the worst available speeds/service and would have benefited greatly from being included. A very high number of properties in Stirling already get really fast speeds and most people are simply not willing to pay the extra for no real perceived benefit. Not spots continue to grow even in 2019! Shame on you Gigafast/Vodafone/Stirling Council.

  • wrightie
  • 8 days ago

No one is asking them to pay any extra for the faster service.

In most cases Vodafones entry level Gigafast is cheaper than VDSL and some ADSL

I switched in aberdeen from a £39.99 Bt Package for 71 down on VDSL and no inclusive calls to £38 for 500 advertised, 560 delivered FTTP with all my calls included.

Would have been less too if I had a vodafone mobile.

Cheaper and faster

  • connormill
  • 6 days ago

While I agree that the money would have been better spent on bringing other area's up to speed, Plean, Cowie, Fallin etc already have FTTC with speeds comparable to FTTC in Stirling.

Plenty of parts of Stirlingshire are, however stuck on ADSL Max after having had their FTTC rollouts cancelled over and over again. Crianlarich is a case in point.

Including BofA and Cambusbarron in the Stirling city project made sense as these 'villages' are conjoined with Stirling (no visible break in housing). Same cannot be said of Plean/etc.

I will go from 30down,5up to 100both ways for less money!


  • veletron
  • 5 days ago

The population of Crainlarich is approx 300.

The combined population of Fallin, Cowie, Throsk and Plean is approx 7795.

FTTC in the Eastern Villages is littered with problems and substandard speeds despite close proximity to cabinets. There are Openreach/Kellys vans at the cabinets several times a week, this can often cause more problems as they attempt to patch a very old and poorly maintained local network - the FTTC signal is carried by some very old and past its best copper. Like everyone else, Openreach are not interested in investing in what is becoming an increasingly deprived area.

  • wrightie
  • about 17 hours ago

* Crianlarich

  • wrightie
  • about 17 hours ago

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