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Leetline launches its broadband for gamers

Trunk Networks has launched a new brand LeetLine or L33tLine it you want to be hip. The new packages are aimed at the discerning gamer market where keyboards with proper mechanical switches are preferred over the spongy membrane ones most of us use.

The service is using the standard Openreach FTTC and FTTP services but they manage their core network so that they can claim it is optimised for gaming and is uncongested and has no traffic shaping.

  • FTTC 40/10 £40/m and free install fee
  • FTTC 80/20 £50/m and £60 install fee
  • FTTP 80/20 £46.80/m, £60 install fee (does not include phone line)
  • FTTP 160/30 £54/m £60 install fee (does not include phone line)
  • FTTP 220/20 £64.80/m £60 install fee (does not include phone line)
  • FTTP 330/50 £108/m £60 install fee (does not include phone line)
  • 160/30 £60.80/m £60 install fee
  • 330/50 £78.80/m £60 install fee

All the services come with a 12 month contract, wireless router and static IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) and are unlimited usage. FTTC and packages include phone line rental.

Online gaming as in the things like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends during game play have low demands for bandwidth but can be very latency sensitive with gamers looking at every millisecond so if Leetline can run their network and will attempt to ensure that routing is optimised to gaming servers it may give people a micro-advantage. Alas to get the very best routing can be complex since it needs parties at both ends to play ball.

For those who broadcast their online gaming using services such as twitch the bandwidth requirements do change somewhat, since they will want around 1-2 Mbps of upload capacity to handle sending a decent video stream of their play to the broadcast service and this extra load needs to have no effect on the latency. You will also want to lock down the browsing and video playing habits of others in the house, hence why high end routers with QoS capabilities are sometimes preferred to try and keep the gamer insulated from the activities of others in the home.

The real test will be the feedback from gamers who switch from the large bucket shop providers.


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