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Cerberus adds 500 Mbps and Gigabit packages to product set

The latest addition to our package search is the Cerberus XL and Ultra products which are based on the 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps Openreach full fibre services (165 Mbps and 220 Mbps upload speeds).

The FTTP XL is £165/m (plus VAT) and FTTP Ultra is £225/m (plus VAT) both feature a £40 (plus VAT) set up fee and are available across the UK in locations where Openreach has deployed its 1000/220 FTTP network (note: some Openreach locations have a maximum speed of 330 Mbps down so the product will not be available in those locations). Unfortunately on Ofcom defined Market A exchanges there is a hefty surcharge to pay. Both products are based on a 12 month contract.

The monthly costs are very different to the headline grabbing pricing but Cerberus is more of a business provider and as such with the monitoring and bandwidth allocations it allows for in its planning it is aiming to deliver a business grade service rather than an over contended pile it high sell it cheap service.

For those who don't need the highest speeds there is the FTTP Pro service that has been around for a while with 330 Mbps download speeds at £75/m (plus VAT) and for those in areas the equivalent Pro service is cheaper at £55.80/m (plus VAT). In these cases the contract is 24 months long but you can if you pay a £104 (plus VAT) setup fee reduce the contract term to 12 months.

Cerberus is one of the few providers working to sell the Fibre on Demand service i.e. those living in a VDSL2 cabinet footprint can order on demand a FTTP service but the bill for the activation is generally in the several thousand pounds ballpark and willing to wait around a year from initial inquiry to going live. For those with the cash to spare or a business use case there has been several long threads from others comparing quotes and install experiences in our Fibre forum section.


It seems Cerberus have slightly increased their prices for the 500 & 1000 Mbps services to £165 & £225 per month respectively (ex vat):


There is also a potential Market A surcharge of up to £325 per month....ouch!

  • baby_frogmella
  • 4 months ago


  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 4 months ago

Market A is a killer still. And frankly nothing on the horizon to fix that :/

  • Croft12
  • 4 months ago

While nice, it's a bit too pricey. I'd prefer to pay the setup cost upfront instead of having it absorbed into an ongoing monthly price, which should mean it's slightly less per month if that were an option.

  • Ixel
  • 4 months ago

These charges contrast sharply with the 1Gbps symmetrical for those lucky souls that can access services from Broadband for the Rural North - £30 plus VAT per month... those pesky not-for-profits, huh? :-)

  • GraceCourt
  • 4 months ago

Why does the small print on the Cerberus web page indicate that pricing is subject to an "active BT PSTN phone line" being installed? What has a PSTN line go to do with FTTP?

  • netPrefect
  • 4 months ago

I imagine its BT Wholesale or Openreach who dictate to CPs that an active BT voice service - either over copper or fibre (FVA) - is a pre-requisite for such services. However if you don't have any voice service then Cerberus can offer you a new copper or FVA line for an extra £9/m which probably works out cheaper than paying BT Retail £15+ /m for a similar service. Either way the voice rental costs are relatively small if you're willing to splash out £100s per month on such a service.

  • baby_frogmella
  • 4 months ago

FTTP services at 330/50 and below are discounted by Openreach if taken with a phone line as they're considered a transitional product. The 500 and 1G are not, they come in a data only variant with any phone line having no bearing on their cost.

  • CarlThomas
  • 3 months ago

Perhaps its BTW who insist that a voice line must be taken out with the higher end services? Otherwise it would make no sense for Cerberus to make an active BT line a pre-requisite for such services, knowing full well that most if not all customers (mostly business I imagine) on high end FTTP services will already have a VOIP service in place. Then again I suppose Cerberus do have history in weird pricing/t&cs. Once upon a time they were offering FTTPoD for £79.99/m ..... under the old FTTPoD pricing model lol

  • baby_frogmella
  • 3 months ago

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