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BT ADSL2+ service out of contract pricing reduced

The out of contract price for the BT ADSL2+ service used to be around the same price as their superfast services once outside the minimum contract period. In updating the BT packages today we noticed that the out of contract price on the ADSL/ADSL2+ service is now just £25/m after the 18 month contract and the in contract price has dropped from £24.99/m to £22.99/m.

We don't believe that this out of contract price drop will appear automatically for existing BT ADSL2+ customers but it may be worth checking what offers are available in your online account section. If you are outside your minimum contract period and are happy to re-contract for another 12 or 18 months and no offer is available online we suggest phoning them to see what deal you can make, since a price drop from around £45/m to £25/m is worth a bit of time onn the phone.

It seems likely that this change is a mixture of answering the price competition that still exists for the slow ADSL/ADSL2+ services but also a response to the campaigns complaining about the high out of contract pricing that exists on some broadband services.

If you know a faster service is on its way to your area if it will be available from BT then you can usually upgrade to the faster services when in the minimum term for a slower service but if its a competitor such as Gigafast, Gigaclear, Hyperoptic or another service then you may not want to recontract if the faster service is likely to appear within the next year due to the costs of leaving your BT contract early.

Others do sell ADSL2+ for less e.g. TalkTalk at £17/m for 12 months and then once out of contract it is £27/m but this service is not available everywhere and some other providers with competitive pricing in adverts charge more once you reach the rural areas of the UK.


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