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Hyperoptic highlights its performance on connecting people within 24 hours in new properties

Hyperoptic is well known for its delivery of gigabit broadband in apartment blocks in urban areas and a significant chunk of that footprint is new developments and in those developments they are claiming that 99% of those signing up to their service in a new build serviced by Hyperoptic are connected with 24 hours during 2018. They have been monitoring this performance stat for a while, 97% in 2016 and 98% in 2017.

We understand that developers cannot build out units and maintain customer satisfaction if they do not have day-one connectivity, which is why hitting our 99% milestone and always looking for improvements is a strategic priority for our business. We want to lead our market by example – by always following through on what we say and being there from day one. We also appreciate that buying a home is a huge financial commitment and that the process can be extremely stressful for movers. Knowing that the estate is enabled with Hyperoptic will give residents peace of mind. They will know that they can walk in, call us, and be online straight away, which is one less thing they need to worry about when moving in.

David Walker, Head of Property, Hyperoptic

Examples of developments where people are getting connected this fast are the Battersea Power Station and Television Centre. This is possible in new developments because the physical infrastructure has been pre-installed but even so it does seem a lot faster than the lead times we have seen for other full fibre enabled new build.. They claim to be the only broadband company that measures itself on achieving day one connectivity, so it will be interesting to find out if there are any challengers on this stat that are also delivering FTTP.

The press release references our data on the lack of superfast broadband in 1 in 12 new build premises with data from back in January 2018, our last full update on the broadband picture for new homes was actually back on 18th February and since then we have got the new postcodes for November, December and January and are busy figuring out all the various services available to premises in these new postcodes.

A summary of current position on new build homes in 2018 and 2019 follows. It should be noted these figures are subject to change since broadband roll-outs are ongoing and there are situations where a postcode may have no indication of premises in April and in May we find that there is 50 premises.

  • Superfast coverage (30 Mbps and faster) for 2018 new premises: 90.7%
  • Superfast coverage (30 Mbps and faster) for 2019 new premises: 90.2%
  • Full Fibre (FTTP) coverage for 2018 premises: 65%
  • Full Fibre (FTTP) coverage for 2019 premises: 67.9%
  • We expect to have a full update available in May 2019

This means the 1 in 12 stat from January has improved to 1 in 10 and the proportion of FTTP continues to climb. As 2019 progresses we are expecting the FTTP figure to continue to climb as developers make better choices on infrastructure and policy changes from infrastructure providers filter through the planning and building pipeline.


Very similar to how Openreach can get a service live within 24 hours where the hardware is pre-installed also. Not much of a claim really.

  • unobroadband
  • 6 months ago

I have not done any digging for staff numbers but I bet Openreach has factors in excess of 50x installation staff numbers at Hyperoptic, so I feel that Hyperoptic should at least be acknowledged for their efforts.

I am hoping to move somewhere with service here on Merseyside but doubt it'll be a new build...

  • NetGuy
  • 6 months ago

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