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Gigaclear sees first part of its Uttlesford area of Essex roll-out go live

Residents of Birchanger, Essex have now gained a full fibre broadband option from Gigaclear as the contract with the Superfast Essex project is starting to deliver in the Uttlesford District Council area. This first batch of premises totals 212 but will grow to a total 4,600 eventually.

The postcodes where the service is live are in our checker and on our maps. What is interesting about this news is that Openreach cabinet 8 on the Stanstead exchange serving Birchanger has VDSL2 via the commercial roll-out and appears to have a live pod attached too and some of the premises now served by Gigaclear have a wide range of broadband options available ADSL2+, VDSL2, along with what has just been delivered i.e. FTTP. In time this overlap will diminish as the Gigaclear build spreads out to the more distant postcodes from this and other cabinets in the Uttlesford area.

This is not the first time in Essex that work has delivered FTTP to areas with VDSL2 available where the distance for some premises was short enough to deliver superfast broadband speeds, Doe's Corner near Maldon saw a similar overlap back in 2018 but it was Openreach in that case.

It is of course entirely possible that where the networks overlap and people now have multiple superfast or ultrafast options that Gigaclear will not be invoicing the local authority for the work involved in delivering to those with existing superfast options.

Update 4pm: We asked earlier for the number this news has helped reach superfast speeds and under the usual NGA White definition (i.e. not superfast) there was 112 premises.


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