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Progress report for Milton Keynes full fibre race UPDATED

Milton Keynes now has Fibre to the Premises available to 3 out of 10 premises by virtue of the presence of CityFibre, Openreach, Hyperoptic and OFNL FTTP across the local authority area.

The CityFibre roll-out is the most active, but as new homes are built the footprint for Openreach, Hyperoptic and OFNL continues to expand but as of 26th March the figures for the four operators are:

  • City Fibre Vodafone Gigafast 18,962 premises passed
  • Openreach GEA-FTTP 18,205 premises passed
  • OFNL 1,459 premises passed
  • Hyperoptic 682 premises passed

This gives an overall result of 31.7% of premises with access to full fibre, so far the FTTP footprints have avoided overlapping each other but as CityFibre builds out further this is inevitable. The ultrafast network that CityFibre are overlapping already is the Openreach footprint but there are still premises where is the only over 100 Mbps option, hence the 40.9% ultrafast coverage figure.

Saturday 30th March: The total number of Gigafast premises passed in the Milton Keynes area has increased to 19,251, the increase is the result of finding some infill and a little bit of expansion for existing areas in the town. This brings us that little bit closer to the over 20,000 premises mentioned in a recent CityFibre press release. The additional postcodes are in the checker and will appear on the maps during the weekend, if there is an area we are missing always happy to be told so and we can work on adding it.


Months ago CityFibre put card through warning they will be digging trenches in my street shortly. Nothing seen since.

Ten weeks ago I registered interest in Vodafone GigaFast using the CityFibre network. All I got was a holding reply.

They may be digging up parts of Milton Keynes and they be passing 19,251 properties, but as far as I am concerned it is yet another hollow technology promise.

  • TheWheeler
  • over 2 years ago

The figure of 31.7% is very exact and may be overstated: as CityFibre are passing premises already passed by Openreach - for example I've FTTP from Openreach/Plusnet, and this week CityFibre have run a fibre optic cable to my house as part of their roll out - then there may be some double counting of premises.

  • Woodp
  • about 1 year ago

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