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toob to use £75 million to boot off its full fibre roll-out

toob is the latest entrant in the fttp race that is in full force in the United Kingdom. The new operator has secured some £75 million of investment from Amber Intrastructure to support its ambitious plan of 100,000 premises passed with full fibre by the end of 2021.

The roll-out is going to utilise the Openreach duct and pole access (PIA) product so for those areas where the roll-out does appear there should be minimal trench work and so long as the latest version of PIA when fully launched can operate at scale this should make for a faster roll-out and with 100,000 premises to deliver in 24 months from a standing start this access to existing ducting and poles is key.

toob is based in Portsmouth, so one can perhaps expect a roll-out that is leaning towards the south coast of England but until the firm announces roll-out locations no one can know for sure.

The fun part with so many new entrants will be each of them managing to find enough unique areas to roll-out in and while some will say that full fibre is needed due to the continuing increases in data volumes people are transferring the existing VDSL2, and DOCSIS service still have many years of life left before people are saturating them 24/7. The crunch point that may appear in a few years though is when households are streaming two or three streams at 25 Mbps or more during the evening peak time period and the DOCSIS providers are in a good position to cope with continued investment in the core network. 


"can operate can scale"; shurely shome mishtake?

  • Jaggies
  • 3 months ago

Blames a Monday morning train tunnel for interrupting train of thought - and auto correct possibly that when typing this comment tried to turn Monday into money for example

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 3 months ago

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