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BT Wholesale release next set of triggers

BT Wholesale has today released a list of 58 trigger levels for more of their exchanges.

This brings the number of exchanges with triggers to 653, and for 173 exchanges the outlook isn't so bright, to quote BT "For 173 exchanges triggers based on the costs identified in the review would be unrealistically high in relation to the number of lines served but BT continues to investigate ways of reducing the cost of enabling."

The BT tracker website should update with the new trigger levels on Saturday 28th September, our tracker should pick them up with its next overnight run after BT update their site.

The new triggers range from 300 to 550. A growing number of people are wondering precisely what factors affect different exchanges. With a trigger range of 200 through to 750, it would appear the variation in cost is very large.

One thing is for sure though, the exchanges that are deemed uneconomic for the current ADSL rollout have been virtually condemned to years of existance in the broadband wilderness. Perhaps it is time for Oftel and the government to look at these areas and decide a course of action that will provide an affordable and realistic service to the public (this means not satellite Internet access). The various schemes by local councils to hook up schools and libraries to broadband networks are all very well for institutions, but invariably these schemes end up providing nothing for the people who live in the area. The BT community ADSL trial is one such method. If it goes well, and costs are low enough, this offers the only hope for 2003 and beyond at present.

Slipping in at the end of the article is the fact that BT now has 1,119 exchanges enabled, the increase of 3 exchanges due to the ones recently enabled in Cornwall.


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