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The latest areas to see live full fibre from Openreach

The roll-out of FTTP by Openreach under its commercial Fibre First programme is continuing and the very latest exchange where we've found FTTP ready for people to order is Wallasey.

The footprint will continue to grow as it has for other areas where we have seen Fibre First appear and on some exchanges in the programme the roll-out is heading towards near total coverage.

Another four exchanges have been spotted with live Fibre First structures since our last update and these are Beacon, Radford, Whitchurch (Avon) and Chapeltown. The amount of FTTP spotted varies with there being very little in Chapeltown at this time. The distinction with Fibre First is that it usually involves rolling out FTTP to cabinet areas that already have superfast speeds from VDSL2, but invariably we find previously non-viable cabinets getting FTTP and many exchange only line areas too. The impact of the roll-out on the 97% superfast coverage ambition is generally very small as the majority of those who do not already have access to VDSL2 are covered by Virgin Media.


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