Broadband News launches ADSL service have launched their ADSL service in the normal Richard Branson style. The service is due to go live on 1st October after a couple of months of trials.

The service is based around the usual BT Wholesale ADSL service and comes in at £24.99 (we believe this includes VAT) and for an introductory period the activation fee will be £39.99. Plus as an incentive for the first 1000 subscribers The Register is saying that Virgin are offering 3 bottles of bubbly and a chance to win a holiday in Havana.

The trial has not quite got all the little glitches sorted out, their FAQ has a nice blooper, they claim that 60% of BT telephone exchanges in UK can support the service. That would be around 3500 exchanges, unfortunately it is just 1119 exchanges, but around 66% of households do have potential access to ADSL.


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