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Sir Vince Cable visits Openreach engineers rolling out FTTP

Twickenham is the latest area of the to see the Openreach PR machine arrive and dress a politician in a fluorescent yellow jacket to have a guided tour of what is going on with the Fibre First roll-out. While Sir Vince Cable is the leader of the Liberal Democrats he is also the local MP and thus may start to get letters about road works involved e.g. as a pavement gets dug up to fix a bit of collapsed duct, therefore understanding some of the physical aspects as well as the benefits of full fibre is useful.

Sir Vince Cable visiting Openreach FTTP roll-out
Sir Vince Cable and Clive Selley visiting Fibre First roll-out in Twickenham

We’ve already upgraded thousands of homes and businesses in Twickenham as part of our commitment to reach three million homes and businesses with full fibre by the end of 2020. And our recent announcement of 3,000 new jobs for trainee engineers includes 24 new positions just in Twickenham. We’re proud to be bringing both 21st century connectivity and career opportunities to residents and it was a pleasure to be able to show Sir Vince how we’re doing these things in his constituency today.

Clive Selley, Chief Executive of Openreach

The visit started at the Kneller Hall exchange and moved on to meeting some of the engineers rolling out the FTTP service in the Twickenham area. On the part about thousands of premises already being upgraded for the constituency we only currently have 169 Openreach FTTP premises in our checker system so will have to have a double check that the roll-out has not passed us by, though as we have found in the past the roll-out in local streets may be complete but be waiting on a final throw of a switch to make services visibly available to order.

The press release contains the snippet that Openreach is building at a rate of 13,000 premises a week across the whole UK, which is slower than we are currently spotting new FTTP and the reason for this is we are playing catch-up and only report where people can actually order from a retail provider.

In terms of tracking the Fibre First roll-out we have now spotted the start of the roll-out on the Edinburgh Newington and Donaldson exchanges taking the number of exchange areas with a mixture of live and on-going build work to 25 and a premises count of 791,789.


@thinkbroadband I think my broadband package is with Vince Cable

  • @MerseyMal
  • comment via twitter
  • 3 months ago

Hmm... Cable tries to catch up with fibre :p

  • billford
  • 3 months ago

@thinkbroadband Why?

  • @tyrbiter
  • comment via twitter
  • 3 months ago

The engineers hard at work installing Fibre Optic Cable,

Or was that... F.O. Cable!

  • Brunel
  • 3 months ago

Just ordered in Newington myself. Seems they'd already done the cabling along the back of the tenements a few months back - there's a box labelled "Corning Optisheath Multiport" down there already, so just a case of running a fibre from it to individual flats now.

  • Chipmunk77
  • 3 months ago

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